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  • product name: WT-SP58


  Working Principle  
  Westech split pressurized solar water heater is speciall designed for the villa. The split means that
the collector separates from water storage tank. Collector maybe installed either on the roof or wall
while water tank may be installed at any place in a villa flexible. Collector harmonizes with villa’s
outlook and maintains villa’s outlook beauty.
  ◆Module design, arbitrary combination, harmony with the
building perfectly ;
◆Intelligent control and automatic operation
◆Anti-freeze: Using the anti-freezing liquid as the medium
and the controller has the anti-freezingfunction
◆multifunction: bathing, washing, domestic heating etc ;
◆Work at anytime and enjoyable
  ◆ The whole system is mainly combined by pressurized collector, pressurized storage tank, solar
working stations ,controller.
◆ Pressure: 6 Bar
◆ Daily efficiency: ≥55% (≥42% in winter)
◆ Heat preservation: 72h - 80h
◆ Electric heater: 1.5Kw-3Kw
◆ Heat Pipe: anti-freezing < -35 °C
Technical Data

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