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  • product name: WT-CNFL
  • Product number: 14
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  The detailed data of flat panel  
  1.(Absorber):Copper header: black paint Ø22*1060*0.6mm
Copper tube: 0.3mm Aluminum Wing
(Positive Electrode Oxidation paint)Ø10*1889*0.6mm
2.Aluminum frame: 1000×2000×90×1.1mm
3.Lowness reflect toughened glass (4mm)
4.Waterproof casing rubber
5.Galvanized Iron back sheet (0.21mm)
6.Insulation:Glass wool specially covered with aluminum foil
Polyethylene foam
7.Rubber washer
  Model: WT-CNFL
Size: 2000*1000*90mm
Absorbing Coating: Muti-Layer Scattering Vacuum Coating
Absorbing Base Material: TP1 Copper
Inner Tank: 360mm, Stainless Steel SUS304-2B 0.5mm thickness
Outer Tank: 470mm, Painted Steel 0.5mm thickness
Frame: Galvanized Steel 1.5mm thickness
Heat insulating layer: 55mm polyurethane foaming
Accessory: Electric Heater, Mg Bar