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WesTech Chairman Went South Africa with President Xi

Number of visits: Date:2015-6-3

From Russia, Tanzania to South Africa, it was the first state visit after President Xi taking office which really attracted attention from all over the world.
President Putin of Russia said it was a " historic " visit. President Jacob Zuma of South Africa described it a " absolutely essentiall " visit.
The emphasized word of President Zuma extended the profound significance of President Xi’s visit again. What’s more, the fifth BRICS summit was held in South Africa. Westech chairman Wally Jiang also followed President Xi's footsteps to South Africa.
One is national leader, another is the representative entrepreneur of Chinese solar industry. They had obviously different purposes to South Africa which however surprisingly similar in some respects.



Visiting relatives from miles away
Before setting off for Africa, President Xi had mentioned the warm sentence -- " African and Chinese people are brothers and sisters ". Exchanges and cooperations between China and Africa already had a long history, thus made the state visit a strong feeling of " visiting relatives from miles away " even more.
President Xi had been warmly welcomed by South Africans. It always stayed a friendly atmosphere whether during individual meeting with President Zuma, or in breakfast parties with African leaders.
Actually, Africa also was familiar to Wally Jiang. He had visited there several times to develop sales market of WesTech. He could occasionally see solar products of WesTech or met business partners in local streets. Wally also met a lot of like-minded partners in new energy industry.
Wally said they immediately became friends after only a little while of talks. In fact, " friends ", " brother " has always been utilized to define business partners by Wally Jiang whether at home or abroad. Close relationships successfully created a win-win situation for WesTech and our partners.

Promoting cooperations, seeking a win-win situation
President Xi made a speech of "cooperation for common development" during the fifth BRICs leaders meeting on March 27th in Durban, South Africa. "We come from 5 countries of four continents in the world. Pursuit of peace, development, cooperation and win-win situation are our consistent willings and responsibilities."
In the following forum that day afternoon, Wally delivered a speech. He said, "Today we got together because of economic cooperation and common development. Utilization of solar energy and other new energy, achievement of 1+1=11 win-win strategy is the mission and dream of all countries and enterprises."
Compared with a nation, an enterprise is undoubtedly a contractible country. The pursuit of win-win development is connected.
Africa is the world's most underdeveloped area which is unfortunately affected by international financial crisis at present. As old friend of Africa, as the largest economic scale one in five BRICS countries, China took the responsibility to help Africa out of trouble and to win mutual benefits.
Wally happened to coincided with President Xi. Wally stated that in his book of “ 1+1=11 ” that WesTech would provide new energy lighting lamps for 50 primary schools and 1000 poor families to remote rural area in Africa, which could benefit a million people; Meanwhile, we would promote and implement the “going abroad” strategy through foreign aid channels by Chinese government. It is planned to donate and assistant education in 5 African countries, to subsidize 1-year tuition for 50 African students studying in China. When the students return to the motherland, they could promote local economic development and exploit new energy projects which would be a foundation for WesTech group to participate the new energy economy cooperation with Africa in future.

No perfect tense, only progressive one
When receiving interviews from South African televisions, Wally said that Africa has good solar resources and market environment. At present, WesTech has established sales network in several areas there. Next we would continue to expand cooperation to form strategic partnership with all aspects and to take high-quality solar products to all parts of Africa.
As President Xi emphasized in his speech, Africa and China share weal and woe. China will always be a staunch defender of peace in Africa, a strong promoter for the prosperity and development of Africa, a believable supporter of Africa’s self-reliance and participation in international affairs. The relationship between Africa and China has no perfect tense, only a progressive one.



The exploration of Westech in Africa will be always be ongoing.
The same idea, the same ideal. In South Africa, President Xi and Wally had propagated the spirit and strength of China and Chinese enterprises. (Reminder:If you want to learn more about the latest product information, you can callWesetchFree consultation hotline:400-820-8525 Or click consultingWestechsolar)
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