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WesTech Attended India-China(Wuxi) Economic Cooperation Conf

Number of visits: Date:2015-6-3

On April 23, in order to promote trade cooperation for enterprises between India and Wuxi, the first India - China Economic Cooperation Conference held in Wuxi. WesTech president Wally Jiang and many other Wuxi entrepreneurs attended the conference.

Recent years, Wuxi government has strengthened the strategy of opening to the outside world, actively guided local enterprises to "go out" in accordance with the requirements of economic globalization. Through various large-scale international exhibitions, forums and other events, Wuxi enterprises increased economic exchanges with external countries, thus successfully obtained a lot of cooperation opportunities abroad.

WesTech, on behalf of Wuxi export corporations, successfully developed external markets, had best sellings in over 58 countries and regions and established Greenville International Solar City WesTech in Texas U.S. since 2010 right in this good environment. At the same time, the unique innovation "WesTech mode" combined with small/middle sized Wuxi and domestic solar enterprises to "go overseas together" which took an important role model in realizing the internationalization of local enterprises.

Deputy Mayor of Wuxi - Huang Qin

This conference was intended to deepen the trade and investment cooperation between India and Wuxi. Wuxi delegation was led by the Deputy Mayor of Wuxi - Huang Qin, Indian delegation was led by the Consul General of Indian embassy in Shanghai – Mr. Snain. The two sides communicated about investment environment, policy and advantages of the enterprise. In fact, WesTech’s sales channel has already extende to India and established partnerships with all circles. Yet the vast market of India still attracts Wally profoundly.

President Wally(right) & Mr. Snain

Through various communications with Mr. Snain and representatives of Indian business delegation, president Wally had a deeper understanding of Indian market environment. Next, WesTech will carry out comprehensive exchanges and cooperation with them, send out more solar products there and preach the concept of energy-saving, environmental protection, and low-carbon.

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